“Colovos is fully committed to becoming a sustainable brand, without sacrificing on design, fabric quality, or aesthetic sensibility and is working to become zero waste and carbon neutral.”
–Michael Colovos


We use laser technology to wash our jeans resulting in up to 98% less water with almost no chemicals used in the process. 500 traditional jeans use 12,500 gallons of water while the Colovos jean only uses 1 gallon of water per 500 jeans.

In addition to reducing water consumption, our new denim styles are made from recycled cotton that is collected during post production. Once collected, it is then spun together with new organic cotton to create a new, recycled denim that is super soft on the body and lighter weight.


Our knitwear is made with Merino wool: a natural biodegradable resource. The wool spun in a factory that uses solar panels for electricity and is part of the Greenpeace Detox Program.

Ready to Wear:

We source fabrics made from natural fibers (either primarily or entirely) from mills that are utilizing emerging technologies to produce fabrics that are free of harmful dyes and pesticides, use raw materials that are grown with low amounts of water, use recycled material, and who are nurturing the land where the raw materials are farmed.


Garments and accessories are produced at family run factories in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Colovos has cultivated strong relationships and collaborations through the entire supply chain.

Trim & Packaging:

All of the trim on our garments including main labels, buttons, snaps, and leather patches are sourced from sustainable materials such as post-consumer plastic bottles, leftovers from the glove industry and recycled metals. Our DTC shipping packaging is made out of recycled material and can be reused before recycled.